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Update 28.09.20

Hello everyone Hope this email finds you well in these crazy times!

I am pleased to tell you that yesterday we took Laura back to Manchester to start her second year at University. Something that we could never have imagined possible when she was first diagnosed.

She’s really well at the moment, so much so that earlier in the summer she and her sister Gracie did a 15,000 ft skydive for the Brain Tumour Charity, she also got her bucket list wish of driving a monster truck!

Laura had her last scan earlier this month and it remains stable, she’s also having a good response to the immunotherapy treatment in Cologne which is great news although it does mean that we need to continue to make those trips out to Germany on a monthly basis.

Next month it will be 2 years since Laura was first diagnosed. We’re so happy that the treatment seems to be working but it’s important to take it one day at a time, we’ve been told that there’s no such thing as remission with a stage 4 cancer so whilst she’s doing so well, every day is a cause for celebration. Just also wanted to share this article from yesterday’s Mail on Sunday … Thank you so much for your support, I honestly don’t think we’d have made it so far without all your help.

Much love Nicola, Mark, Laura and Gracie xx

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