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Update 19.09.19

Hello to all Laura’s friends and supporters. Hope that you’re all doing really well. Since the last update Laura has just finished her 8th cycle of chemotherapy and has completed 2 of her monthly sessions at IOZK clinic in Cologne, we’re off for the third next week.

The chemo is quite tough for Laura but she has more good days than bad days and on those good days she continues to get out and about and ticking things off her bucket list.

In the last couple of months Laura has visited the Uncle Joe’s mint balls factory in Wigan, She’s visited British Aerospace and got to fly the F35 simulator.

She’s travelled to London to watch Fleabag live on stage.

She assembled a team to represent the Brain Tumour Charity in the Pride Manchester parade and supported the charity runners (including her sister, grandad and mum) at The Great North Run.

She’s learned to ride a motorbike and whizzed around the Donnington track riding pillion with (Rocket) Ron Haslam as he reached speeds of 160mph on 1 wheel (!!)

Last month she had the huge of honour of going fishing with the wonderful Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer and caught an impressive looking pike and earlier this month she was lucky enough to hang out with the legendary Johnny Marr before his gig at the Albert Hall in Manchester.

He even dedicated the final song of the night ‘There is a light that never goes out’ to his new friend Laura. It was a spine tingling moment that we will never forget.

Last week she went sailing around the coast of Western Scotland for 3 days with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and this week she


I cannot tell you how much this means to Laura as last year when she was diagnosed she was told by the surgeon that this just wasn’t going to be possible.

It’s not going to be easy as she’ll have to juggle her studies with chemo and side effects plus trips to Cologne but she’s one very determined young lady and her courage and strength fill us with pride every single day. So once again, thank you to everyone who has supported Laura, you’ve helped make this possible and we are forever in your debt.

With all our love and gratitude

Nicola, Mark, Laura and Gracie Nuttall xxxx

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