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Update 16.10.19

Hi there, hope that you’re well.

We’re just approaching the anniversary of Laura’s diagnosis, what a rollercoaster of a year we have had. I have truly never know devastation, horror or terror like it, we really have experienced the very worst of times.

But we have also had some lovely experiences, crazy adventures and created memories we’ll treasure for ever.

We have also seen just how amazingly kind and generous people can be (and that means you!)

12 months ago we were told that Laura would not be returning to University but here she is, 4 weeks in, having completed 9 cycles of chemo and 3 cycles of immunotherapy in Cologne.

We do understand that the diagnosis hasn’t changed and the prognosis is still dreadful but last week’s scan was stable and although she gets tired and sick when she’s on chemo she’s doing well and working hard to keep up with her peers studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Manchester University.

On the 26th October we’re organising a 10k Twilight Walk to give back to The Brain Tumour Charity who have been a huge support to us and continue to work tirelessly towards a cure for this horrific disease. We’d love it if you could join us if you can.

Sending you much love and gratitude as ever

Nicola, Mark, Laura and Gracie xxxx

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