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Update 01.05.20

Firstly, just wanted to say that I hope this email finds you safe and well in these crazy times! I am pleased to say that Laura is doing pretty well at the moment, her last scan was in March and although it’s still showing a 4mm ‘spot’ it is at least stable at the moment. She’s been working hard at University although it’s been a bit disrupted with her trips to Germany, lecturers strikes and the obviously the Covid 19 pandemic! She’s working hard at home (or at least she tells me she is!)

Earlier this year we had the chance to visit the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales when it visited Liverpool and we were thrilled to be invited to a reception on board where Laura got to chat with Sir Lindsay Hoyle and was made so welcome by all the crew.

Whilst chatting though she did almost pass out, it later became apparent that her blood pressure was dreadfully low but fortunately a transfusion last month put her back on her feet.

Laura was also well enough to go on a trip to Amsterdam with the other students on her course and everything went well thank goodness. We have also managed to continue with the treatment in Cologne, things started to get a bit tricky when we were away in March but in April things began to look extremely challenging as all commercial flights disappeared and Germany closed its borders.

Fortunately Jonathan from Greensill Capital responded to a plea for help on Twitter and we were able to use their corporate plane to travel out, which was a fantastic experience and made the trip so much easier.

The immunotherapy treatment will be continuing for longer than we’d initially expected, the next vaccine will be in May and then after the scan in June we’ll be reviewing what needs to happen next.

So once again, thank you for all your wonderful support. I honestly don’t think Laura would be doing half as well without your help.

Stay safe!

Much love from Nicola, Mark, Laura and Gracie xxx

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